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Calgary Thunderbird Club - Member's Roster


Click on member's name to jump to their section in the photo gallery.  Where members have more than one

car, links by vehicle year are provided.  Where no link is provided we do not have pictures of that member's car.



Gary Biech

Bruce Bennett & Patti Fieger

John & Lynn Bradford

Darrel Brinker

Don & Marlene Brooks
Norm & Lyla Brown

Ken Brown & Lori Cassie
Morris Carlson

Bob & Marlene Carr
Bruce Christie
Elton Christie

Chelsea Crowley 84  90LX

Ursula Crowley

Glen & Irene Curtis

Marc L. D'Hont

Eric & Julia Donaghue

Neil & Theresa Elford  60  02
Bob Fellows & Freddy Taylor
Dale & Sandra Foreman

Doug Garand & Lorena Laniuk

Ann Harding

John & Marilyn Hart
Mike Hartley

Ralph & Elizabeth Hazelwood   55   70   05

Fred Hirschfeld

Len Horback

Tony & Evanthia Iuliana

Jim & Theresa Jenkins

Bill Jenkyns

Ray & Tracy Kaczmer

Jules Klepak

Greg & Debbie Kondro


Ed "Mr. T-Bird" & Cindi Lachner

Art & Valerie Lange

Ken & Liz Lapp

Dan & Marg Leavens   58

Dale Lee   62C   64   64C   65   65SL   66   69   70SRL   78DJ   84   89   89SC  90SC

Geoff Lee   60   02

Larry & Gladys Lee   68   77   94   02 

Shay Lenstra

Gerald Leonhardt

John Mabee

Sue MacKenzie

Ian McLennan

Ernie & Loraine Messner
Kevin Mitchell

Andy Morrell

Lori Parsons
Jim & Lorna Pepper

Bill & Rose Lynn Petty

Keith & Christine Robinson

Steve Rubio
Peter Schonekess

Ed & Kelley Schroeyers
Ken & Kim Seiferling

Tim & Suzanne Skinner

Howard Sorenson & Vicki Gardiner

Jeff & Gary Staniloff  56  70

Ron & Elizabeth Thompson

Brent Tucker
Richard & Marguerite Waldie
Miles & Jacquie Williams

Bob & Paula Wilson



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