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Calgary Thunderbird Club

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*NEW Video section*


Here's a fun Police Chase commercial from Ford.  You will be prompted to save the file and you must have Windows Media Player to view.


Thunderbird commercials on YouTube:

Close the "MiniWindow" when video is finished.


Jigsaw Puzzles

When you click on these links, depending on your browser,  you will be prompted to "Run", "Save to Disc" or "Save File".

 Select "Save to Disc" or "Save File" and an icon will appear on your desktop.  Click the icon and have fun, fun, fun!

One of these puzzles will earn a prize from the Webmaster for the first Calgary Thunderbird Club member to complete it *
* Prize is only available to current Calgary Thunderbird Club members.




Dale Lee's '64 Convertible


Level - Easy   (54 Pieces)




Mellow Yellow


Level - Easy  (104 Pieces)



Swimmin' Cool


Level - Easy  ((160 Pieces)




Don & Shirley Derkson's '62


Level - Easy  (204 Pieces)




Pretty in Pink


Level - Intermediate  (360 Pieces)





Level - Intermediate  (360 Pieces)



White Roadster


Level - Hard  (432 Pieces)



Surprise Puzzle 1


Level - Hard  (432 Pieces)

Surprise Puzzle 2


Level - Expert  (972 Pieces)


More Puzzles and Fun & Games to come